ENAGrup ENAGrupInflation Research Group
Our Research and Projects

Research conducted by ENAGRUP in the light of ENAG Inflation Index data:


1. Investigation of problems in times of economic turbulence and crisis with Synthetic Economy Models
2. Dynamic analysis of sector performances within the scope of inflation, interest rate, and BIST100 / BIST30
3. Establishing the synthesis of the parametric estimation of interest rate models and the most appropriate interest rate policy, which directs the monetary policy of the Central Bank.
4. Making structural models, based on productivity and inflation
5. Dynamic general equilibrium models that analyze economic crises
6. Estimating sector and geographic efficiency using the productivity index ENAG measures.


1. Establishment of promotional expenditure policies of individual production units, pricing policies at sector and firm level, product-based market power estimation
2. Presentation of sector inflation data by dynamic filtering method to make decision on real return on investment
3. Pricing policies on super and hypermarket product group and price policy and market force modeling
4. Presenting the structural problems of firms / firm groups with econometric models and creating solution methods
5. Strategic management policy-modeling with big data analysis
6. Analysis of the relationship between pricing and profitability and productivity