ENAGrup ENAGrupInflation Research Group
Compilation of data

ENAG collects the data from online and offline sources. Approximately 250.000 price data are extracted daily and filtered using the statistical approaches on the vicinity of standardized normal distribution properties. Filtered data are then categorized as aggregate goods and services where ENAG gives subsamples inflation rates.

Publication date of data

Daily price indices are statistics that are currently being conducted to calculate monthly inflation rates dynamically. The monthly inflation rate and the rates in the subtitles are shared with the public right after the time of TÜIK’s inflation announcement. Henceforth, the results will be announced on the 3rd of each month, or in case that date falls on a weekend, on the following Monday. Daily inflation data will be shared separately in the upcoming days.

Special topics

Since the price indices we have created and the inflation rates derived from them are on a daily basis, there is no need for seasonal adjustment.

Data are internalized according to the statistics of the group from which they are collected, within the scope of its geographical and non-geographical features. For example, renting rates of houses and office spaces, hiring rates of specialized cleaning services, and car prices change in a regional manner; however, food products carry a price range according to an "all over Turkey" approach as such aggregate goods are defined.

Calculation method and approaches

The common standard inflation calculation method adopted by all countries was used to obtain price indices. On the basis of sub-items, the system was created in accordance with the "Classification of Individual Consumption According to Purpose" (COICOP) standards of the United Nations Department of Statistics.

In our inflation basket, there are 339 of 418 items in the TÜIK basket. This is equal to 81% of the total item rate, and 80% of the item weight. The remaining 79 items are excluded from the scope due to the intermittent behavior affecting inflation, or because controlled products make up the majority. On the other hand, in order to make a one-to-one comparison with the TÜIK inflation rate, the monthly price changes of these remaining 79 products are taken from TÜIK, and presented as a weighted inflation rate.

Dynamic price index data

Due to the change in consumption habits, especially during the Covid-19 pandemic, the spending trends have also changed. For this purpose, ENAG obtains a separate inflation rate using the Pandemic Basket. The price indices obtained by redefining the weight of 418 items in this basket will appear as new inflation rates with changing importance and ranking in later periods.

We use the ENAG-Laspeyres Index (model) in creating daily price indices. The index series is then converted into daily/monthly inflation rate. The monthly inflation rate, for example, is expressed as the percentage change from the beginning to end of the corresponding month’s price indices.

Fundamental Data Sources

ENAG aims to collect the data on consumption of goods and the services all around Turkey with the online and offline methods generated.

ENAG pays special attention to the fact that the sources from which price data are obtained will be able to represent almost the entire population. For this purpose, ENAG collects an average of 7 million price data over a month to calculate/estimate the inflation rate.